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Welcome to CordSavings,

I'm sure you've realised that prediction and regeneration (repair or replacement of damaged tissues or organs) will be among the great medical challenges of this new century.

No doubt you know that cord blood derived stem cells have unrivalled therapeutic virtues, since they are perfectly ethical and risk-free, and they save lives every day (even while you are reading this).

So don't wait a second longer :

  • If you can, donate you cord blood when your baby is born - it is completely risk-free for you and your baby and it is a real act of kindness to others. Make no mistake: the patient who will receive it (often a young child) does not have a mild illness, without your support their life could be cut very short
  • If you wish, you can save this precious cord blood for you own baby! It is your liberty, and your legitimacy to do so. The health of your family is, after all, the most important thing in the world to you! Absolutely no one can blame you for it

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But why our action ? Why CordSavings ?

Well, because as is often in life, nothing is simple !

It doesn't work like that. Indeed, if you do wish to donate your cord blood, it is very likely that you will not be able to do so. Unfortunately there is not enough maternity department with the necessary equipment and there is a chronic lack of adequate facilities.

No one has anything to be ashamed of, indeed, it is a structural problem in the organisation of our public health, and there is no developed country that is not affected: even the USA and Switzerland, which are not exactly the weakest points.

In fact, there is quite simply not enough budget in the public (or semi-public) health sector to collect cord blood and store it in accordance to the required standards. As a result, every day throughout the world, more than 99% of cords are incinerated or simply thrown away !

If, on the other hand, you wish to save these precious cells for your own child, specialists will tell you that you have around a nine in ten chance of coming across an unreliable service provider (veritable catalogue of therapeutic utopias, lack of guarantees in terms of durability, insufficient or questionable medico-technical criteria and biological treatments... the list is long and sometimes overwhelming).

These are simply the facts. Unfortunately. Fire up your favourite search engine and come back and read on if you come to the same conclusion as us.

In the face of this medicine based on the core of life: stem cells, the whole society finds itself in a situation where it must respond simultaneously to very high individual expectations, significant economic issues and, above all, a serious need for regulation and ethical questions which seem difficult to reconcile.

So what is CordSavings ?

First and foremost it is a biobank of course: a biobank entirely dedicated to the preservation of well-matured neonatal stem cells: firstly cord blood but soon cord tissue, placenta etc. (remember that all neonatal tissues contain youth cells with the potential of plasticity and therefore almost unlimited capacity).

But this biobank is unique in the world. Why, you can ask ?

To start with, it is in Switzerland, at the heart of Europe, in one of the best protected and least confrontational regions of the world, but above all because it is the only biobank that combines the storage of neonatal stem cells not just with a simple service charges but with savings : Stem cell savings.

Being in Switzerland - the banking capital - CordSavings mobilises institutional capital aimed at improving the human condition and heath then combines it with the financial savings of families who have chosen cord blood storage for family purposes. And all this so that the maximum number of cord blood can be collected across Europe, including yours, of course.

For future parents, it is therefore a veritable savings account for stem cells for their unborn child that is established.

This is offered in order to store the cells less expensively and in better conditions, and above all to enable families to support the development of their children throughout their lives both in terms of biological preservation and financial protection.

Not only a family storage of newborns' stem cells much more economic for parents, but more importantly, it is completely secure and durable over the very long term (beyond 20 years).

Thus all resources are now used to ensure that the medico-technical treatment of autologous cord blood is finally carried out within the framework of the highest biological and health quality: something that was until now reserved for cord blood units stored in public biobanks.

Thanks to the capital injections and the expertise of this unique financial hub such as Switzerland (famous worldwide and renowned for its reliability), it is both biological and financial time and security that are given to children. By their parents, of course, but also by civil and economic society as well.

With CordSavings, every family can see their children's savings rub shoulders with those of the world's major philanthropic institutions for a single, just cause : new century's health.

Ours, yes, that of our friends and families, but also the health of every person.

Tomorrow’s treatments are today’s biobanking. Join us !


Yours faithfully,

Didier Nouziès
Director of CordSavings

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