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Private cord blood banking cost

In whole Switzerland of course ... but also a recognized specialist for Germany and Italy!

Dear Italian young parents:

The CORDSAVINGS cord blood bank is located less than one hour from the Italian border. Aosta, as well as Piedmont and in particular, the large town of Turin, Lombardy, Milan etc., in short the north of Italy, and its many hospitals and maternity wards, are immediately accessible to our express transport services dedicated to umbilical cord stem cells. The security and cold of the high Swiss mountains within easy reach! Why deny yourselves our dear Italian friends!

Dear Swiss-German, German and German of Turkish origin young parents:

Bern, Basel, Zurich, and Lucerne: the express transport services dedicated to the CORDSAVINGS cord blood stem cell bank make hospitals and maternal wards of these beautiful towns in German-speaking Switzerland immediately accessible to their exceptional secured laboratory.

Not far from Germany, very close to the Lands of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, Switzerland is an ideal storage place for cord blood for German families. The citizens of large towns like Stuttgart and Munich appreciate our services a lot and can trust us to put their samples in a medical and legal environment that is both simpler and much more protective than in Germany.

Well known as the golden must of cord blood banking in the Turkish community, CORDSAVINGS is the number one choice for lots of Turkish young couples living in Germany and of course also those based in Turkey.

Many of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa residents - the true connoisseurs - send their babies' cord tissues in our swiss secured vault stem cells laboratory, that is so precious!


… and naturally all others young couples of so many other countries all over the World

Thanks to our unique express transport "stem cells accredited" service, our "dream lab" is accessible for you. We already have samples coming from all continents!

Especially from all the Middle East: Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan

Africa: Casablanca in Morocco

Eastern Europe: Moscow in Russia, Ukraine

The five-star security level offered in our Swiss foundation compared to certain local stem cells storage offers is very attractive and reassuring to people coming from Asia indeed, well informed parents seeking for the highest level of safety and sustainability: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Gurugram in India, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Jakarta in Indonesia, Taipei in Taiwan

Above all else they all greatly appreciate the Swiss political and regulatory stability intimately coupled to our straightforward, user-friendly and ultra-safe Swiss stem cells bank centre.


Several possibilities of payment for a complete service insuring quality and reliability

Make the cord blood banking comparison: offers from 1'900.- chf(*)

(*) i.e. approx. 1'700 euros and less than 2'000 US dollars!


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Services of CORDSAVINGS for a single birth:

  1. Collection kit, application fees, transportation costs.
  2. Cord blood treatment costs. Quality control, costs of medical tests.
  3. Storage costs- Cryopreservation for long term.
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We offer different financing possibilities, with tailor-made plans.


CORDSAVINGS proposes several flagship formulas accessible at all income levels:

150chf and even 90chf per month (3chf per day only)

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